Monday, March 30, 2009

Do Not Attempt To Take This Picture Unless You Are a Professional

This is a great shot, but I can't look at this picture without feeling pangs of regret.

As a budding new underwater photographer I attempted to take this classic shrimp on an anemone shot myself. But, all the anemones I found were shrimpless. Not letting that stand in my way, I coaxed my scuba buddy into snagging a shrimp model from a nearby coral reef and placing it onto an anemone. As I got my camera ready for the shot, I could not find where the shrimp had gone. So, back my scuba buddy went to find another shrimp. This time I kept my eye on the shrimp as he placed it down and snapped the photo. But, as I continued to watch the shrimp, the shocking realization of what happened to the other shrimp became apparent. The anemone ate it!

Let this be a lesson to all to leave some shots to the professionals. Getting a great shrimp in the anemone shot is not worth the price of living the rest of your life with involuntary crustacean manslaughter on your conscience. I still wake up nights in a cold sweat and see the "help me" look in the poor shrimp's face immortalized by the photograph.

via National Geographic via Digg

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