Monday, May 07, 2007

Greening the Desert, A Step-by-Step Video

This video tells the story of a seemingly impossible feat achieved by permaculture designer, Geoff Lawton, in which he trained a group of locals in the principals of permaculture, and together they transformed the "hyper-arid" land until it bore fruit, desalinated water, and created fertile ground which requires very little water to be productive. If it can be done there, argues Lawton, it can be done anywhere, and it can become a real tool for addressing pollution, desertification and global warming.
In watching the Planet Earth series, I was reminded that 1/3 of land on our planet is covered by deserts. If we could find ways to turn deserts into more productive land, we would be able to support more humans and more wildlife on this planet. If this approach works as advertised, it could be used all around the Middle East and on the edges of the Sahara desert to make that land productive agricultural land.

via WorldChanging

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