Wednesday, May 02, 2007

New 'Sleep Machine' Could Signal the End of Insomnia

Scientists have invented a technique which they say could help trigger deep sleep in the most chronic insomniac.

Using medical equipment, they stimulated the brain with harmless magnetic pulses.

These penetrate the nerves that control a type of deep sleep called "slow-wave activity" and made their brains produce these waves.

Researchers believe the same principles could be used to create a machine which can electronically stimulate a deep-sleep power nap. This mimics the restorative benefits of eight hours of rest.
How cool would it be to take a power nap with one of these and get the benefits of 8 hours of sleep?

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Anonymous said...

Tesla did this LONG ago. Like many wonderous things, humanity forgot. (PS. The root word of wonderous is "wonder" not "wondr" that is a phonetically spelled version based on british accent)

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