Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The X PRIZE's Participatory Video Contest

I am a big fan of using contests to solve big problems, but the X Prize has taken the concept to the next level in creating a contest to create a contest. Wait, what?

In collaboration with mobile entertainment and content sharing network, Zannel, X PRIZE asks us (you!) to submit 2-minute videos about the most important issues and challenges facing humankind. After the submissions close, there will be an open voting period, and a committee from the foundation will review those that receive the most votes. Based on their assessment, they will develop the next round of prizes, and the winners of the video contest will be flown to the Wirefly X PRIZE Cup in New Mexico to see the next advancements in private spacecraft design in action.
Have a problem that you think a contest would be able to solve? Or maybe you just want to rate the ones that others have submitted. Either way, check it out.

via WorldChanging

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