Friday, April 11, 2008

Kindle Links

Here are some useful Kindle links I have come across.

Kindleville: Kindle and other ebook news
The Kindle Reader: reviews of books and links to lots of free book sources
Mobile Read: news on all e-ink devices

Message Boards:
Kindle Forum (Amazon)
Kindle Chat (Google Groups)
Kindle Korner (Yahoo Groups)
Kindle Developer's Corner (Mobile Reader)

Places to Get Free Books:
FeedBooks (the Kindle Download Guide gives you a library on demand)
Baen Free Library
Free Kindle Books
Creative Commons
Mobile Read's list of Free eBooks
Best Places to Get Free Books - The Ultimate Guide: if the previous links don't do you good, check here for other sites

Questionably Legal:

ebook search on Torrentz (replace java with the title you are looking for)
Lord of the Rings (because you can't purchase a copy, you are forced to be a pirate if you want to read it on the Kindle)

Tips, Keyboard Shortcuts & Undocumented Features:
Hacking the Kindle
Kindle Fan Guide

Creator: convert .pdf and other files into a Kindle Readable format (allows you to set title and author)
Reader: test the files before putting them on the Kindle

Amazon Links:
Manage Your Kindle
Your Media Library: list all of your books, rate them, share with others

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