Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fish Pen

Every once in a while I see something on TV and think: hey, why didn't I think of this? And then I realize it is because the idea is completely stupid. I had one of those moments the other day when I watched this advertisement for the Fish Pen.

My stream of consciousness while watching it was something like:
Wow, they made an entire fishing pole that you can put in your pocket?

Hey wait a minute, where did that reel come from, that wasn't in his pocket. Um, what is the point of being able to put the pole in your pocket if you still have to carry the reel separately?

Fishing at lunch? Who the hell works within walking distance of a place to fish?

If you put in in your front pant pocket will it help you to reel in the ladies?

Hey, how come you never see them actually cast and then catch a fish?

Greatest gift you could give your grandkids? Ever hear of cash?

Original fish pen? There can't really be anyone trying to copy this idea can there?

It comes with a carrying pouch? Then why would you ever want to put the pen in your pocket? They un-sold me on its greatest point right here.

Is it a law that you have to say "but that's not all" or "but wait, there's more" in one of these commercials?

Wait, you have to buy two? Why not throw in a Bass-o-matic instead?
If you are looking for the "greatest gift for your grandkids" be sure to checkout their website, which oh so helpfully starts this same advertisement automatically when you load the page (and has no stop button).

God I love America. What will we think of next?

Aside: I think it should be a law that every advertisement that goes on TV is put on YouTube. I mean they want you to watch these things don't they?

I was very disappointed that I could not find the Valtrex ad for genital herpes. There are a zillion parodies of the ad, but you can't get the original.

In case you can't picture which one I am referring to, let me try and jog your memory. It is the one with the cute girl and her boyfriend that are out biking and swimming and having a good time and you are thinking to yourself, man I wish I was in that guy's place and then bam! they tell you she has herpes, and for a moment you are like, that's ok, I'd still go out with her, and then a moment later you remember what herpes are, and you are changing the channel as quickly as you can and trying to erase the whole episode form you mind.

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