Saturday, September 27, 2008

Green Ghostbusters

Wired reports:

San Francisco-based startup Sustainable Spaces estimates that homeowners could reduce their energy costs by up to 50 percent by taking simple steps like fixing bad duct work and installing the right insulation. And since 21 percent of U.S. energy consumption goes into American homes, greater efficiency could help reduce the country's overall energy footprint, too.

The trick is finding the hidden leaks. The company's founders call themselves "green ghostbusters" because they're tracking down ghost power drains using a panoply of high-tech gadgets that would make the Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man jiggle with fear.
Neat company. Lots of cool gizmos they have for diagnosing problems. I like how they make money by reducing their customers energy costs.

While their founders call themselves "green ghostbusters", I think they could really play up the Ghostbusters side even more and give the company more personality, ala Geek Squad. Imagine if they had uniforms like the old Ghostbusters. Instead of a hearse, what about a PT Cruiser, possibly retrofitted as an electric vehicle? They could give all of their tools crazy sounding names. The report given to customers on the energy efficiency of the house could use Dan Akroydesque names for all the problems like a "class 5 full roaming vapor".

And then they could run ads Vern Fonk style mimicking the classic Ghostbuster one:
Are you troubled by strange rustling noises in the middle of the night?

Do you experience feelings of dread when you must go to your basement or attic?

Have you or anyone in your family been impacted by duct leakage, flue blockage, or mold spores?

If the answer is yes then don't wait another minute, pick up your phone and call the professionals.

Green Ghostbusters!

Our courteous and efficient staff is available at regular business hours to serve all your ghost power elimination needs.

We are ready to green you!
Now that be some real Green Ghostbusters.

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