Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Work Walking

Terri Krivosha, a partner at a Minneapolis law firm, logs three miles each workday on a treadmill without leaving her desk. She finds it easier to exercise while she types than to attend aerobics classes at the crack of dawn.

Without breaking a sweat, the so-called work-walker can burn an estimated 100 to 130 calories an hour at speeds slower than two miles an hour, Mayo research shows.
I liked this idea when I first heard about it 2 years ago more as a way to keep my mind focused than as a way to lose weight. Glad to hear that it is starting to catch on.

If you want to learn more about work walking, there is lots of information in the blogosphere.
Mr. Stirt’s site, www.bookofjoe.com/2007/10/treadmill-works.html, is one of some dozen work-walking blogs, including www.treadmill-desk.com and treadmill-workstation.com.

There is even a burgeoning social network (officewalkers.ning.com), with around 30 members, that Mr. Rhoads started in March.
via NY Times via Life Hacker

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