Sunday, December 07, 2008

DIY Saliva Test That Tells If You're Catching a Cold

Scientists have developed a test that predicts how likely you are to catch a cold.

They say that by measuring the level of a protein contained in saliva they can provide an advance warning of the risk of infection.

In tests over three years on a group of 38 elite America’s Cup yacht racers, the British researchers found that the amount of the bacteria-fighting protein immunoglobulin A – known as IgA – fell significantly shortly before three-quarters of the team fell ill.

Even though the athletes felt well at the time of testing, they caught a cold two weeks later.

The scientists, from Loughborough University, now plan to develop a home test that could warn everyone when their immune systems are vulnerable to attack.

People could then take preventative action by getting more sleep, eating well and avoiding public places.
Cool. That would be valuable information to know when you are at an advanced risk of getting sick.

via Daily Mail

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