Thursday, December 04, 2008

Updated got a makeover, and I am glad to see that they have added transcripts to shows. This was something that I had suggested they add when they first put their library on the web. This will make it much easier to blog about interesting interviews. I also am curious how long it takes me to read a transcript with actually watching the show and see how much time I can save.

Beyond that addition, I am not liking many of the other changes. The front page now displays their most recent guests, but does it in an odd 2 second rotation manner that is very distracting (and no pause button that I can find). They also have taken short 1-3 minute segments out of shows and made them their own entities. This is a good idea but the way they have done it makes it hard to find the link for the interview in its entirety. I wish instead they would add bookmarks inside the video, where you could jump to a particular time in the interview.

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