Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Year In Ideas

The NYT Mag's Year in Ideas issue is out. Always a great read with lots of really interesting ideas.

My favorites this year:

Air Bags for the Elderly
Brickley Engine
Carbon Penance
Gallons Per Mile
Less Privacy Means Less Discrimination


Rebelfish said...

I've always thought the Europeans had it right w/ the L/100km vs our mpg (and not just because they use metric). The difference does, however, say something about our auto mentalities. The European indicator is conducive to the question "I'm going this far; how much fuel do I need?" In America on the other hand, it's "I've got this many gallons in my tank; how far can I drive?"

Fat Knowledge said...

Yeah, I am with you that the Europeans are ahead of us on this one.

Interesting take on the two mentalities. I am planning another post on the gallons per mile, I think I will put your two questions in there.

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