Friday, March 09, 2007

Best Strategy to Solve Overpopulation

Ted Baxter, the anchorman on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, planned to have six children in the hopes that one of them would grow up to be a creative genius who could solve the population problem.
If only more people would act like him, we would have this whole overpopulation thing licked in no time.

via Slate

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nichole quinabo said...

STRATEGY OF OVER POPULATION There is controversy over whether population growth is good or bad. Over-population and continuing population growth are making substantial contributions to the destruction of Earth's life support systems. In the past, human populations have rarely been subject to explosion. In numbers. The powerful long-term mo-mentum that is built into the human age structure means that the effects of fertility changes become apparent only in the future. For these reasons, it is now conven-tional practice to use the technology of population projection as a means of better understanding the implications of trends.

Population projections represent the playing out into the future of a set of as-sumptions about future fertility and mortality rates. More public education is needed to develop more awareness about population issues. Facts like the size or the growth rate of the human population should be in the head of every citizen. Schools should inform students about population issues in order for them to make projections about the future generations.

Action plans and strategies can be developed to increase public understanding of how rapid population growth limits chances for meeting basic needs. The spirit of open communication, and empowerment of individual women and men will be key to a successful solution to many population problems. Collective vision about health care, family planning and women's education at the community level build a basis for action. The creation of action plans help to meet challenges to find coop-erative solutions. Free and equal access to health care, family planning and educa-tion are desirable in their own right and will also help reduce unwanted fertility.

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