Monday, March 12, 2007

Installing Thin Film Solar On Metal Roof

One of the latest innovations is thin-film photovoltaic (PV) laminate. Rather than requiring the heavy glass and unwieldy racks of previous systems, the peel-and-stick laminate simply adheres right onto the panels of a standing-seam metal roof. Requiring about 5-10 minutes installation time per panel, this solution is lightweight, quick and easy and demands considerably less labor than its predecessors.

The complete process is simple: Just apply the PV laminate, install the new roof panels and connect the output from the PV to an inverter, which changes the direct current to alternating current used in our homes. Then, just flip the switch! With the help of a few roofers and an electrician, your home can be solar powered in the course of an afternoon. And when you consider state and federal tax incentives, net metering and your savings in electricity costs, your new system is not only a boon to the environment, but will ultimately pay for itself and save you money.
via The Sietch Blog

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