Friday, March 30, 2007

The Cutest Most Disturbing Video You Will Ever Watch

Never before have I used both the words cute and disturbing to describe something, but watch this video on hatchery chickens and tell me if you don't agree.

You will be laughing and saying ahh while at the same time feeling something is seriously wrong with this picture. It is like something out of The Matrix (or should I say The Meatrix). Hard to imagine that close to 9 billion chickens are born like this every year.


crush41 said...


Your descriptor made me furl when I first read it. But after watching, you're exactly right. Cute in that I felt like I was playing Lemmings, disturbing in the spooky objectification.

The workers separating the chicks are eerily nonchalant, not even wearing gloves. So many chicks and they're grabbed and tossed like ingredients at a chocolate factory.

Certainly doesn't make me apologize for being a vegetarian.

Fat Knowledge said...


Yeah, I was debating whether to go with that title or "Hatchery Chicks" and just couldn't resist the sensationalist title. Those titles always suck me in on Digg.

After watching this video and reading about the factory farming of animals, it is really hard to continue to eat food made in that way.

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