Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Black Men and Education

Bob Herbert makes the case that the number one thing black boys need is education.

It’s an article of faith that the key to success in real estate is location, location, location.

For young black boys looking ahead to a difficult walk in life, the mantra should be education, education, education.

“For males in each of the three race-ethnic groups (blacks, Hispanics and whites), employment rates in 2005 increased steadily and strongly with their educational attainment. This was especially true for black males, for whom employment rates rose from a low of 33 percent among high school dropouts to 57 percent among high school graduates, and to a high of 86 percent among four-year college graduates."

“The gap in [employment to population] ratios between young white and black males narrows from 20 percentage points among high school dropouts, to 16 percentage points among high school graduates, to eight percentage points among those men completing 1-3 years of college, and to only two percentage points for four-year college graduates.”

For anyone deluded enough to question whether education is the ticket to a better life for black boys and men, consider that a black male who drops out of high school is 60 times more likely to find himself in prison than one with a bachelor’s degree.
The question of course is what can be done to fix this situation.

via Times $elect


al fin said...

Herbert accuses people who disagree with him of being "deluded." Typical journalist.

If it were not so politically incorrect, I would like to see a comparison made while controlling for intelligence levels. What would be the difference in ethnic imprisonment rates for males in the same intelligence stratum?

That would not likely be Herbert's political cup of tea, however.

Fat Knowledge said...


I have to say that I usually don't care for Herbert because he uses statistics that I have already seen and arguments I have already heard and writes them in a not particularly persuasive way. But, I found this article to have some stats I had never seen before.

As for the intelligence levels, I don't know. Crush is the one to ask on that.

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