Saturday, March 10, 2007

PC World Developing Carbon Neutral Computer

PC World is going green by developing a carbon neutral computer, the high street retailer announced today.

The computer - which it said will be the world's most energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly PC - will be made using recycled and recyclable materials where possible. Components will be selected for their low energy consumption.

"We're harnessing the very latest technology and the expertise of cutting edge component developers to create the first 'PC PC'," said Bryan Magrath, commercial director of PC World. "What isn't widely understood is the enormous progress that has been made in the creation of energy efficient computing technology over the last few years. It's a process that we expect to accelerate in the months and years ahead."

Because the manufacturing process can't be perfectly carbon neutral, the computer superstore will purchase top-up carbon offset credits to cover the environmental costs of manufacturing and transportation.
While there are many carbon offset programs for computers, this is the first one I know of that offsets the manufacturing and transportation. I hope they are transparent and specify how much energy it takes to manufacture a PC and where that energy comes from.

via ITPro via EcoIron

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