Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Does Anyone Read Nutritional Labels?

I am a habitual reader of nutritional labels, but I have been curious whether my actions are an abnormality.

WN: What about food labels? Are they helpful?
Wansink: In every study we do, regardless of what focus is, there's about 15-20 percent of the people who look at the food label and read it and process it accurately. Of course, 70 percent of people say they do, but they don't.
Looks like I am in the minority.

I have been calling for social and environmental labeling to be added to products. If they were, I bet the same 15-20% of people would actually read them.

via Wired

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Anonymous said...

I also read nutritional labels. I have found it so interesting how many different names they use for sugar in products. The laws are such a joke when it comes to food labeling.

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