Sunday, October 28, 2007

Interesting Articles of the Week

New eBay site lets people participate in microlending.

Cancer-killing virus modified to deliver a one-two punch.

6 drunk elephants electrocute themselves.

Walt Mossberg thinks the big cellphone act like “Soviet ministries.”

China’s green energy gap.


Кузнецов said...

Walt Mossberg thinks the big cellphone act like “Soviet ministries.”

Наконец-то начинает доходить.
Не только сотовые компании, но и авиа-перевозчики, крупные розничные сети дейсвтуют, как "Госплан", или советское министерство. Т.е. массовый продукт по низкой цене среднего качества.
Европа приближается к СССР. Это давно уже понятно

Fat Knowledge said...


Unfortunately, I don't speak Russian (I have a hard enough time with English), but here is what the online translator gave me:

Finally starts to reach.
Not only the cellular companies, but also avia-carriers, large retail networks дейсвтуют, as "State plan", or the Soviet ministry. I.e. a mass product under the low price of average quality.
The Europe comes nearer to the USSR. It for a long time is already clear.

Interesting point that Europe is closer to the Soviet ministry style than the US. I don't know enough about their cellphone companies to have an opinion, but they do seem to be ahead of the US cellphone companies in terms of capabilities of the phones.

Audacious Epigone said...

I hope to microlend to North Korea at some point in the future. I don't think that's an option yet, though.

Fat Knowledge said...


Yeah, I would like to see microlending make it to North Korea as well. Something tells me the dear leader won't allow it though.

On the other hand, he has allowed some investment from South Korea, so maybe.

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