Saturday, October 06, 2007

Record Your Life Update

I have written before on the ability to record your entire life. Two quick updates.

First, some new cool glasses you can use.

Video cameras embedded in a pair of glasses are not exactly new but this pair takes advantage of the current trend in oversized sunglasses to effectively hide its video recording capabilities. In addition the glasses include a pocket-sized video recorder that not only captures the secret footage onto swappable SD cards but also allows you to immediately watch it over and over.

The camera is capable of recording in both NTSC and PAL but in reality you’re only looking at about 510×492 effective pixels for NTSC and 500×582 for PAL. Not exactly hi-def quality but it’s a lot better than most web videos. Of course the Spycatcher website claims the sunglasses are ideal for investigative journalists, private investigators and ‘mystery’ shoppers but we all know what kind of clientele will be buying these.

So whether you work for NBC Dateline’s To Catch A Predator or have just been featured on the show you can grab a pair of these sunglasses from Spycatcher for about $1,400.
Second, will host your life video on their site for free. You no longer have to worry about storage costs, or paying for a webserver to allow access to your videos. How can they do this?
In an interview with NewTeeVee, Seibel explained that financial backing was just part of the equation, as creating a homegrown version of Flash Media Servers floating on Amazon EC2 dropped costs from roughly $0.36 per user hour to less than a penny.
Wow, less than 1¢ per hour to host. That is amazing.

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