Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Want to get a better night's sleep? Check out Sleeptracker.

By monitoring your sleep cycles for optimal waking moments during the preset ALARM WINDOW, SLEEPTRACKER® finds those almost awake-moments and gently wakes you when you're most alert. The result? You wake up refreshed instead of groggy. Waking up has never been easier.

SLEEPTRACKER® continuously monitors signals from your body that indicate whether you are asleep or awake. Because you wear SLEEPTRACKER® on your wrist like a watch, its internal sensors can detect even the most subtle physical signals from your body. SLEEPTRACKER® finds your best waking moments, so that waking up has never been easier.

When you sleep, your body goes through a series of sleep cycles. The average adult experiences 4-5 full sleep cycles over an 8-hour period. Each cycle lasts about 90-110 minutes and comprises five different stages.

SLEEPTRACKER® records and stores your almost-awake moments for one day, so in the DATA REVIEW mode you can discover how many times you were almost awake during a night and the average time between those moments. Each almost-awake moment is displayed in chronological order as "Data 1," "Data 2," etc. At the end of this series of times, SLEEPTRACKER® displays "Data A," the average time between your almost-awake moments.

Data A can help you know how soundly you're sleeping. If the average time between your almost-awake moments is relatively long compared to other nights, you've probably slept more restfully than usual.
Pretty cool how it can wake you up in the right part of your sleep cycle. I also like the fact it can tell you how soundly you have slept based on almost-awake moments. I know that some days I wakeup thinking I had a good night's sleep only to feel tired and sluggish throughout the day. I wonder if those kind of days would be predicted and later eliminated using this watch.

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