Sunday, October 21, 2007

Steelcase's Walkstation Marries Desk and Treadmill

Anyone who reads the fine site Book of Joe knows that the man behind the blogging empire is religiously devoted to working out while writing, and prides himself on having integrated a treadmill into his workspace. Well manufacturer Steelcase thinks that this trend has grown beyond one individual multitasking in his underwear, and is poised to introduce a nicely-designed product called the Walkstation which seems more at home in a CEO's office than your messy living room.
I like it. I think better while walking than sitting, so I wouldn't mind using one of these. But the $6,500 price tag is a bit steep.

via Engadget

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Anonymous said...

The WalkStation I have been reading about works but at $6500, it better. The concept is simple really. We are built to walk, not sit. Combine that with all the medical studies showing that walking reduces your chances of contracting just about every major health ailment it is a no brainer

We should be doing a lot more walking. But when? Who has the time? That is the beauty of a treadmill desk. I found one at called the TrekDesk that will be much more affordable and even incorporates an exercise ball chair so you don't need an additional desk and chair in your office. Cool!

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