Friday, October 03, 2008

Amazon Kindle 2?

I certainly hope not. More photos here.

They made it bigger? They got rid of the ability to add an SD card or replace the battery? They kept the ugly beige color? They replaced the roller ball with a joystick? Looks like a heaping dose of fail.

I proposed 25 ways to improve the Kindle and it doesn't look like they listened to me. I would have made it slightly smaller and able to fit in a jacket pocket.

For what this should have looked like, check out Sony's new PRS-700. It includes a touch screen, an on-screen keyboard for searching and note-taking, and a built in LED reading light. But, it too fails for not including a wireless connection, not being able to download books from Amazon and costing $400.

via Boy Genius Report via Engadget

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