Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Change In Natural NPP From Croplands

Estimated change (percentage) in natural NPP from croplands. Noteworthy are regions where mechanization, irrigation, and fertilization increase cropland productivity above natural rates, while crop NPP in other regions is less than the natural NPP. Calculated from recent analyses of crop yields (10) and ecosystem productivity (11).
Looks like parts of Western Europe, the US, Canada, China, northern India and Malaysia(!?!) have increased Net Primary Productivity, while parts of Eastern Europe, India, Nigeria, and the US have decreased NPP. This helps to explain why Eastern Europe has so much more lost potential NPP (27%) than Western Europe (7%). The advanced farming techniques of Western Europe have helped them make up for other loses.

Other cool charts from the article: Global distribution of croplands and pastures and rangelands, Allocation of crop production to food and nonfood uses, and Allocation of global crop production to international exports.

I would love to see the entire planet turned green (and have greater reporting of ecological statistics like this).

via PNAS

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