Monday, October 27, 2008

My Yahoo Should Be Integrated Into Yahoo Mail

I am fan of the new version of Yahoo Mail, especially with my Narrowscreen setup. But, there is one part that annoys me. When you start Yahoo Mail up, instead of being taken to your inbox, they take you to the "home" page that displays weather and news.

There is no way to go directly to your inbox. Or I should say there is no way to do so with the free version. If you upgrade to the paid version then you can do this. I guess they are trying to annoy you enough that you pay to upgrade. That or else they want a chance to display more ads for freeloaders like myself (well not like myself as I have Adblock and this Yahoo Mail Ad and Sidepan Removal Greasemonky script installed to block all of Yahoo's ads).

The thing is, I would not mind this home page if it were customizable. If they took the features of My Yahoo and integrated into the Yahoo Mail home page, I would be happy with it. Then I would be able to check sport scores, stock prices, weather, and news all while staying in Yahoo Mail.

With all the trouble going on in Yahoo land they are probably not able to make big changes, but integrating My Yahoo into Yahoo Mail would be really useful for users like myself.

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Anonymous said...

Amen, that feature would be fantastic. I've emailed Ryan and asked about that feature and expressed my sadness that they are phasing out the ALL RSS button. Cool blog, btw

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