Saturday, November 15, 2008

'Minority Report' OS Brought to Life

Can't wait for this to arrive. Not so much because it is cool, although it is, but because I am tired of work being comprised of writing emails, creating spreadsheets, writing code and making PowerPoint presentations. I can't wait for the future when all work will comprise of nothing but zooming in and out, moving and rotating images.

via G-Apeak Overview via Engadget


Anonymous said...


I had a dream a couple of weeks back where my computer was the size of that wall screen, and I could move all the objects with easy movements of the hand (and mind). Another cool feature was that windows related to each other were "sticky," so that I could group together anything that related to a specific project or theme.

Thanks for posting this.

Fat Knowledge said...


You didn't happen to have this dream after watching Minority Report, did you? :)

Glad it was helpful.

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