Sunday, November 09, 2008

Read It Later

I am a huge fan of the Read It Later Firefox add-on and am adding it to the list of must have Fat Knowledge Endorsed Firefox Add-ons.

If you are like me, you open up a ton of interesting articles in different tabs and then struggle to read them all. Read It Later allows you to easily bookmark these articles by clicking a checkbox in the address field. All of the articles are stored in one location and can be accessed easily later. Once you have read an article you can uncheck it and remove it from the list. The newly released .99 version adds Google Reader integration which makes it even better.

You can check out a demo of it in action.

Lifehacker had a good review of the add-on and also awarded it best update to an add-on for Firefox 3. You can install it from Mozilla's Add-on site.

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