Thursday, November 06, 2008

Top 20 Technological and Scientific Achievements

The official Fat Knowledge list of the top 20 technological and scientific achievements I am most looking forward to:

20) 1" thick super sharp TVs

19) $50 a month 100MB internet access

18) Ocean fertilization

17) Artificial life

16) $20/ton carbon dioxide sequestering

15) $1000 personal genome sequencing

14) A reverse engineered brain on a $1000 computer

13) A smart electricity grid and smart meters in every home

12) Ability to access any TV show, movie, and song ever recorded from anywhere

11) Gut genome sequenced

10) A way to view the social and environmental backstory of every product sold

9) Thought controlled devices

8) Cost competitive solar power

7) Open-source science: ability to access any academic journal article ever written for free using Google

6) An e-book superior to paper with access to every book ever written from anywhere

5) Street legal self-driving cars

4) The entire ocean bottom mapped

3) Cost competitive electric cars

2) Test tube meat

1) Discovery of all species and their population size

Anything I missed? Anything that doesn't belong? Leave a comment.

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